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Last Updated October 17, 2009

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New Articles

October 17, 2009 2009 Horse of the Americas Awards by Kathy Peacock
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March 14, 2007 HOA Board of the Directors Conference Call Minutes by Annette Gonzales
Sept. 12, 2006 Transported Semen...A New Hope for Our Breed's Future by Sharon Sluss
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April 29, 2006 BLM's Plan for the Pryor Horses - URGENT Provided by Ginger Kathrens - The Cloud Foundation
April 22, 2006 800 Mile Horse Race Follows Historic Santa Fe Trail by Beth Sandland
November 7, 2005 2005 Meeting Pictures by HOA Admin
November 7, 2005 What sets the Spanish Mustang aside from the REST by Sharon May-Davis B.App.Sc. (Equine)
October 17, 2005 Minutes of the 2005 BOD Meeting by Annette Gonzales
March 8, 2005 Map to Camp Hitaga by HOA Admin
March 8, 2005 Annual Meeting Information Part 2 by HOA Admin
March 8, 2005 Annual Meeting Information Part 1 by HOA Admin
March 8, 2005 Art Work by THE HOA KIDS
March 8, 2005 Poetry and Essays by THE HOA KIDS
February 27, 2005 ADVERTISEMENT: Tread Lightly by Shiela Cochran
January 11, 2005 ANNOUNCEMENT: NATRC recognizes HOA by HOA Admin
December 14, 2004 The Horse That Healed a Heart by Kathy Peacock
December 14, 2004 Sulphur Springs HMA Camping Trip by Charlie Harper
November 22, 2004 A Conquistador�s Horse by Buena Suerte Farms
October 29, 2004 Shandi by Steve and Lynn Howlett
October 29, 2004 Minutes from the Fall Meeting by Annette Gonzales
October 29, 2004 Conserving Cousins by Dr. Phil Sponenberg
September 4, 2004 Rowdy Yates at Breyerfest by Vickie Ives
September 4, 2004 I Remember a Day by Shiela Cochran
September 4, 2004 Manolito's Continuing Adventures by Nanci Falley
September 4, 2004 The Spanish Horse in the East by Beverley J. Davis
May 11, 2004 That Horse by Curtis R. George
May 11, 2004 Letter from John Fusco by John Fusco
May 11, 2004 Letters to the L.A. Times Part One by Our Members
March 16, 2004 On the Okmulgee Turtle Trail by Bryan Wallace
March 16, 2004 Blazing Trails in New Mexico by Buena Suerta Farms
February 9, 2004 U.S. Animal Identification Plan by Sheila Cochran
February 10, 2003 The Abaco Barbs
November 30, 2002 November 2002 HOA Business Meeting Minutes by Sharon Jackson
November 30, 2002 Report on HOA's 2002 Annual Meeting in Oklahoma by Polly Alton
The Training of a Horseman By Tom Norush
The Right Horse by Peggy Johnson
Festival of Puerto Marques
HOA Halter Criteria
Second HOA Annual Meeting- Nov. 3-4-5, 2001, Whispering Pines CTR, Salem, Missouri by Carol Stone
Awards Program
What Happened to the Przwalski Horse in Europe? by Beverly Davis
Fusion: The Merging Of Spirits by Donna Azzato
Origins of the African Barb
Original HOA Mare Wins Distance Title by Linda Gasparini