The Search For Hildalgo

As many of you know, we have very unoffcially "helping" by conducting a search for possible candidates for this part. HOA really would like to see the part of Hidalgo go to a horse which is not a wild horse with an unknown pedigree and unknown % of Colonial Spanish blood. Nor would we hope to see it go to a modern western horse such as a Paint. A modern would be quite unlike the real Hidalgo in both appearance and durability. We sincerely hope that Disney productions will go for beauty, brains AND authenticity when this historic part is cast.

This is a chance for America's First True Horse to be re-introduced to a New Millineum. Today's public must think that the horse of the Old West was 15 hands tall with a hip like an Impressive QH if we are to judge by most movie depictions of the period. Hidalgo was a real Spanish pony. There are still about 4, 000 Colonial Spanish horses left today. The Horse of the Americas sincerely hopes that one of them will grace this film.

These are the horses which were suggested to us. There are 2 more sets of pictures coming we know and maybe more. As pictures arrive, we will gladly post them for the owners. This part is being cast right now so if you haven't sent pictures of your paint colored CS stallion or gelding, you may be too late already.

(Owners of horses posted here, feel free to email HOA if you would like to add more information about your horse, correct any of my errors, or send us more or better pictures. I just built this page and could only say what I knew. I'll be glad to edit to your liking. All horses offered for this page should be pure Colonial Spanish Horses and registered with HOA, SMR, AIHR "O", SBBA or SSMA or from one of the HOA accepted strains. ...Vik)

Here are the ones that we've found (in alphabetical order). Please note that ID info is ABOVE the pictures. Click on each horse's name or picture for more pictures of him.

Born To Run ("Barney") by Broom out of Mora's Spring Dance, owned by Dreams N Color Ranch, Canton, TX. Barney has been AIHR National Broken Color Champion and collected lots of awards in events from costume and pleasure classes and even a few speed events. He's done parades in costume, too. An unusully colored brown overo appaloosa. Rides great, gentle and loving. He carries the blood of many Colonial Spanish strains: Choctaw, Huasteca, HOA Foundation, Jones Foundation and Brislawn Foundation. He is a grandson of Choctaw Sun Dance.

Choctaw Shadow is a five year old bay tobiano stallion bred by Blazing Saddles Ranch, owned by Janet Key of Marshall, TX. Grandson of Choctaw Traveler. Was just purchased from the Blazing Saddles dispersal in Aug of 2001. Just started under saddle and doing well. He will begin his show career this year. Has done only pleasure riding so far.

Choctaw War Eagle bred by Rickman Spanish Mustangs and is owned by Ken and Vickie Pelt of Kountze, Texas. He is not only pure Colonial Spanish, but also from a strain of pure Choctaw horses. He is a bay overo and has been AIHR National Color Champion. He rides wonderfully and is a trained reining horse.

Distant Drums ("Drummer") is a four year old lemon tobiano stallion bred by Jerry & Gina Hilligoss and owned by Mike Hamner, both of Sand Springs, Oklahoma. He rides well, and just finished his first AERC 25 miler in style, placing second and winning Best Condition in his first attempt at endurance. He is Choctaw, Huasteca and Yates. Interestingly, his sire, Skywalker is also featured on this page.

J-Bar Warrick ("J-Bar") is a 13 year old dun overo gelding by Midnight Warrior and out of Firecracker. He was bred by Cindy Torres of Nebraska and is owned by Carrie Bergwin, Baileys Harbor WI.. He is an agile ranch horse who works and rides the best and has had LOTS of experience under saddle.

M&M Surprise is a 12 year old gelding bred by Rickman Spanish Mustangs of Soper, OK and owned by John and Sam Sanders of TX. He was trained late in life. Mr. M spent his early years as a pasture ornament, but when "Buttons" and Susan Tuscana of Rockin B Ranch in Mabank, TX bought him, it was time to go to work. They started him under saddle and sold him to his current owners. He rides well now, but still needs lots of wet saddle blankets to be finished. He is Jones Foundation bred.

MP Scooter ("Scooter") is a 4 year old black roan Medicine Hat by Comes from Dream out of Sequoyah's Creek Shawnee, bred and owned by Many Ponies Spanish Mustangs, Mike and Melanie Pittman. Scooter stands about 14.3, weighing in at about 900 lbs. He was born a gentle, people loving horse. Tends to be a "class clown", always looking for some action. Melanie adds, "Mike rode him a few times when Scooter was 2, but that is all his training under saddle. Scooter's first foals were born last spring with more to come this year."

Skywalker ("Sky") is a dun overo Medicine Hat stallion bred and owned by Paul Rasberry of OK. Sky has always "worked for a living", doing everything from working stock at the sale barn to winning in speed events and team penning. One of the best trained horses in this group, Sky is safe for any rider. He's a unique cross of Choctaw and Yates lines and has many good foals (and even a few hinnies!) in the Tulsa area.

Tate Wakan ("Soda") is a bay Medicine Hat owned by Elmer and Nancy Young of Enyol Farm in Indiana. He was trained as a youngster by Doug Norush, but hasn't been ridden much since. This fellow may be more of a challenge for a trainer, but he is a sensible horse who rode well and trained easily when he was started and he should get it back fast. He is a son of Yolkai Lin, a stallion by the Cerbat Midnight Special and out of Santa Lucia, a daughter of San Domingo.

Tambourine Man ("Tam") is a 12 year old champagne overo stallion by Choctaw Sun Dance out of Kiowa Morning Song. He was bred and is owned by Karma Farms of Marshall, Texas. Tam was purchased from Karma Farms as a weanling and later sold to Blazing Saddles Ranch where he stood until their dispersal. He was purchased by Karma Farms and came home to the farm of his birth. He was started under saddle by Chuck Harmon while he managed Blazing Saddles. Tam won his Green Pleasure class as a three year old and placed in several other events in his only exhibition. But he suffered a severe leg injury and was not ridden afterward. Once back at Karma Farms, he seemed perfectly sound and was put back under saddle. It is planned for him to go back into competition in 2002.

Tribute is a roan Medicine Hat appaloosa bred and owned by Robert & Louise Painter of Qien Sabe Ranch in ID from a line of Barbs that Robert has selectively preserved for decades. Louise tells us, "He was handled when he was nursing Ponca. (She was old and in for extra feed) It is unlikely we could walk up to him in the field and halter him, but if we did, he would lead, etc. I don't think it would take much to get him started. He has a gentle and amenable temperment." Tribute is by Easy Rider, a Brio son, out of Ponca. Describing his color, Louise says, "He is still spotting and probably will spot more, and he also has roaning patches. They show up more in his summer coat."

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